Date With Daughter-Fear No Easel

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I’ll admit it, I LOVE a paintbrush….as long as it’s painting a wall or furniture!  I break out in a cold sweat when it comes to holding a paintbrush next to a canvas!  So when I saw the paint studio “Fear No Easel” in Mt. Pleasant, SC, I knew it would be a perfect “Date with Daughter” experience to share with Elizabeth.  After all, the idea is to make EVERYONE an artist!  It doesn’t hurt that we can eat snack food and sip wine while we learn….HA!  I sent Elizabeth this link so she could check out the calendar of paintings for the time she would visit us.

We decided on the “Beach Palm painting, booked Granddaddy for an “evening with Avalynn”, packed up my wine picnic basket with plates, napkins, sausages, cheese, fruit and of course wine glasses and wine and headed for the car.  The studio at “Fear No Easel” sells wine or beer, and is at the Shoppes at Seaside Farms, so there’s plenty of places to eat before or after a paint class.  Elizabeth and I LOVE to “picnic” and choose our foods and wine fun!

We arrived about 20 minutes before class to get our seats, and enjoy the painting gallery walls showcasing many of the classes that they teach.  Our class was full, including a bride-to-be with her bridesmaids….a FUN way to spend the evening together!  Our instructor made the class FUN with painting tips, personalized instruction, and MUSIC!  We could feel our creative juices starting to flow as we mixed paints together for sea and sky, and followed her easy instructions to divide our canvas and paint!

Elizabeth and I learned how to make the trunk of the palm tree “actually” look like a trunk, and how to paint the palm fronds so they look most natural.  I learned that my canvas painting, like my bowling skills, get better after a glass of wine and some loosening up…HA!  The less heavy thought I put into it, the better I could work my paintbrush!  We had about 2 hours to paint, talk, eat REPEAT, and the time went by fast.  We used a blow dryer to set our paint, posed for pictures, and took our “masterpieces” to the car, eager to share them with Granddaddy (who REALLY has art talent!), and granddaughter Avalynn, who thinks everything is “beautiful”!  Grandchildren are definitely treasures!

It warms my heart to see our “masterpieces” hanging in each other’s homes so many miles apart, a colorful reminder of the connection to a memory we created together…an evening for just “Momma & Daughter”, laughing and talking, hugging and sharing….moments that NEVER grow old, no matter how old we grow!

Plan a “date” with your own kids, no matter their age or yours!  Carpe diem….Seize the Day!