How to DIY Rolling Cart Makeover

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Beautiful, EASY transformation!

I love it when I see my kids grab a hold of some memory of their childhood and make it a memory that they share with their family.  It’s so rewarding when Mr. D and I  visit each of them and see our reflection in their lives and their homes.  Years ago, our grown children “inherited” pieces of our furniture that they had grown up with and could use with their own families.  Many times when we visit, time is spent lending a hand in updating or totally changing the look of these pieces, with the kids doing some of the “sweat equity” required!  Making memories is the BEST!

I have ALWAYS been the DIYer in our family, I just LOVE to take most anything and make it MOST ANYTHING!   Mr. D will set up/teardown/open/wash/use power tools for pretty much any project I get myself involved in!  I’ve honed a lot of skills over the years…pasting/painting/removing wallpaper; installing flooring tiles/sheet goods; painting walls/houses/sheds/shutters/windows/doors/furniture & clothing!  I’ve gotten myself into a few DIY “pickles”, but I always manage a way out, and I enjoy every (most!) step of the way.

I was a bit excited a few weeks ago when daughter Alaina called me for some tips on upgrading a rolling storage cart that she found at her local Aldi’s grocery store in Missouri.  It was the basic chrome look with plastic drawers, and she needed some confidence that she could spray paint the whole thing and transform it into a rolling cart of beauty and function.  She was wanting to use it to stay organized, and give her hubby Justin a surface to keep his Bonsai trees and supplies neat and tidy.  The addition of wheels means she can move it around to clean.  Alaina is a SERIOUS savings shopper…and I must admit, saving money was something our kids watched us do their whole lives!  We have always enjoyed the flea market hunt, yard sale excitement, and of course, our local Habitat for Humanity ReStores, and GW, for sure.  I found a link on Amazon for a rolling cart similar to this one that Alaina transformed.

Plain Jane rolling craft cart!

The next step was for Alaina to choose paint colors and her design theme.  She knew that the cart would “live” in her dining room, so she wanted it to coordinate with her existing décor.  So many options!  She finally decided on this Rustoleum’s bronze hammered paint color for the drawers and top, and this Rustoleum’s satin black paint color for the chrome frame/legs.  She removed the plastic drawers and knobs, took the wheels off, wiped down the cart with a damp rag, and prepped her spray painting space.  Make sure you spray paint in a well-ventilated space, outside is best, weather permitting.  READ the instructions on the spray paint can…, I know, I know, the print is TINY but there’s good information there, so familiarize yourself with it!  There are definite guidelines for temperature considerations, and after all, you want this to be a project you’re proud of!

Alaina painted the drawer’s bottom first, then sides and inside.  She decided to use Contact paper to line the inside of the drawers for a neat look, but you can simply spray paint the interiors if you want.  Contact paper works well or any type of drawer lining product you desire, even scrap book paper, wallpaper, or wrapping paper! The possibilities are endless!

Spray painted drawer with Contact paper liner.

Alaina found these cool stone drawer pulls at her “fav” At Home store to finish her drawers off, but you can also spray paint the knobs that came with the cart…I like to use a piece of scrap cardboard or an empty cereal box to push the knobs into so they stand up for spray painting.  Make sure everything dries well, I suggest 24-48 hours just to make sure, even though it’s hard to wait!

Drawers before and after, what a difference!
View of drawers and top, LOVE the wood-look Contact paper liners and top of cart!
Neat home for Justin’s Bonzai trees and supplies!
Looks GREAT, right?!?!

I’m proud of daughter Alaina for tackling this rolling cart makeover…it turned out FABULOUS!  This has been her first “big” spray painting transformation, now she’s gotten the spray painting DIY “bug”!  She liked it so much, that she bought another cart…another painting project is just around the corner!  Thanks for sharing your projects with your Momma!

Can’t you see the many uses for a project like this?  Garage storage, laundry room, babies stuff, school supplies/homework station, and of course, it’s original purpose, a crafting cart!  Have no fear, it’s ONLY paint!  Anyone can be a “star” by easily transforming most ANYTHING with a bit of time and spray paint!

What do you want to re-do or freshen-up with paint?  Do you have a piece of “tired” furniture, or a piece that could use an update?  Look around your place for inspiration, then make your plan, plan your work, and go for it!  You CAN do this!