Let’s GO!

Thanks for joining me on this Great roller coaster ride! I’m Miss Cheryl, I live in BEAUTIFUL Charleston, SC with my BEST guy FRIEND, my hubby Mr. D. Here in the south, it’s respectful to address grown ups by “Miss” or “Mr.” regardless of their age or marital status! To some I’m “Cheryl”, to many I’m “Miss Cheryl”, and to eight wonderful young in’s I’m “Gigi Cheryl”.

Welcome, come and sit a bit and get to know ME!

Mr. D and I started our roller coaster ride together a long, long, long time ago when we met in San Antonio, Texas while training for the Army medical corps. That’s right, I DID wear combat boots, our kids can really claim that! You’ll learn about That roller coaster RIDE soon…

Through our years together, we’ve been through many of life’s roller coaster RIDES…including military, marriage, infertility, adoption, births, cross country moves, job & career changes, raising children, caring for an elderly parent (in our home!), child care, and grand parenting just to name a few! I’ve kept my sanity by sewing, crafting, DIY, gardening, baking, traveling, & more… laughing & praying my way through much of the RIDES.

Believe it or not, I’ve learned soooo much along the way, and I want to take your hand and help you along too!

Let’s start with my July/August 2017 trip to beautiful Portugal!